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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We have been called...

We have some interesting news to share with you. Yesterday morning mom and I were called to be the Zone Leaders for the International Reference Zone of our mission. As one of our young missionaries said: "I see, now you are really the head honchos". Well, that's not really completely true. However, we do have significant responsibilities that we have not here to for had. There are approximately 105 Fulltime, Parttime and Service missionaries that we have responsibility for as well as all the detail work of keeping everybody headed in the same direction. Lots and lots of meetings, as well. For the near term this also means we will not have much opportunity to do personal research or work with patrons who come to the library. In time that may change a bit. Of course, we do have our own office, a cubical, and all the necessary technology to help us. We are humbled, but grateful that the Lord and the mission leadership trusts us with this responsibility. And we are looking forward to working with our fellow missionaries as well as the paid professional staff. There are lots of things happening in Family History now and we are fortunate enough to be right in the middle of it.
Memory is the biggest problem. There is little of it these days. I guess it's really true that you can teach old dogs a few new tricks given the opportunity!

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